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Total College Bound Program

FC Durham Academy Total College Bound Program

The FC Durham Academy “Total College Bound Program” has been developed by our Directors of Coaching utilizing their extensive experience and knowledge about the process.  Our Directors of Coaching have extensive experience in providing prospective student-athletes with a preparation environment that uses the sport of soccer as a vehicle to obtain an athletic and/or academic scholarship at a post-secondary institution in Canada and the United States.  Our Directors of Coaching assistance, program and coaching has seen over 150 players graduate on scholarships to a university in the United States and Canada.

There is more to this than strictly attending showcase events and thinking an athlete will be seen!  The family needs systematic and educated guidance from experienced individuals with an extensive network of college coach contacts that will provide each student-athlete with the academic and athletic environment that fits their needs and desires.  It takes years to develop this network and a program of this magnitude.

This network of college coaches has been developed over years of maintaining communication with, providing honest feedback, providing quality players/humans to multiple colleges and daily conversations with college coaches.  Our Directors of Coaching have become a true “pipeline” to many of the colleges and in many situations they are the first phone call that is made when a college coach is recruiting.  College Coaches will consistently attend FC Durham Academy training sessions to recruit the player directly in our academy’s environment.

The Total College Bound Program at FC Durham Academy begins at U14 with an Introduction Seminar which includes components that will assist the grade eights with grade 9 course selection and provide them with the understanding that all grades will matter, even at the high school entry level.  Starting at U15 the student-athletes progress gradually through the process.