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March 27, 2020 Update

By Rich Hirst, 03/27/20, 1:30PM EDT


Together We Stand

MARCH 27, 2020


This week has been truly inspiring for the academy ownership. So many great moments to be proud of as we reflect on the content of our hosted webinars and celebrate the passion through social media campaigns. Big shout out to our FCD 2004B for getting creative, posting their video and representing the academy on a Global News Durham segment this week (

Sadly, Ontario Soccer made the difficult decision this week to suspend all soccer activity for the month of April. 

Thank you to all the families and players who attended the March 25 Update Webinars. It reaffirmed our family culture to see how many of our member families could attend!  The response and support of each other has been exceptional. 

To our PLAYERS. Each of you have been provided with the Individual Development Plan (IDP) and weekly webinars. We look to each of you to maintain your development and engage with the activities FCD is providing.  We are working on a few more home activities, webinars, and new exercises for the IDP.  The IDP, recording of webinars, new activities etc can always be found in the Club Resources section of your Playmetrics account.  You can also find in your Club Resources of Playmetrics, academic resources that we are adding to daily. 

To our 2020 graduating players. You are experiencing a different set of emotions at the moment. We understand and share your feelings. We encourage you to keep closely connected with your teammates and check in with them through social platforms. We promise the academy is doing everything in our power to continue our connections with college/university coaches. We look forward to lifting our graduate banner at the conclusion of the 2020 season to hang your names on the walls of ATC!

Next update to come Friday April 3, 2020.

Stay safe and enjoy this time with family.